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R40 - Claim for repayment of tax deducted from savings and investments


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pdf icon R40 (PDF, 102KB)

Use form R40 to claim back tax if you think you've paid too much on your savings interest and send the completed form to your Tax Office. If you do not have a Tax Office, send it to:

Leicester & Northants (Claims),
Saxon House,
1 Causeway Lane,
LE1 4AA.

Use form R40 to claim a refund if you think you have paid too much tax on interest from your savings
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Order this form online

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R40 Notes - Notes for completing form R40 (PDF, 197KB)
These notes will help you to make a repayment claim for a tax year
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Getting tax-free interest on savings or claiming tax back
If you don't pay tax because your income is low, find out how you can get your savings interest tax-free.
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Tax refunds and reclaiming overpaid tax
If you think you are due a refund on your employment or self-employment income, and find out how to claim.

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