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VAT 1 - Value Added Tax - Application for Registration

Most applications for VAT registration can be completed online

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pdf icon VAT 1 (PDF, 106KB)

Use form VAT 1 to register for VAT. You can use VAT 1 if you are starting a new business, registering your existing business or acquiring an existing business.

For all standard registration applications, please send your completed form to: VAT Registration Service, Crown House, Birch Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 4JX.

For applications to register a VAT group or if you wish to keep the previous owner’s VAT Registration Number, send your completed form to: Grimsby Registration Unit, Imperial House, 77 Victoria Street, Grimsby, DN31 1DB.

If you are applying for UK VAT but are abroad and you wish to deal directly with HMRC, please send your completed form to: Non Established Taxable Persons Unit (NETPU), HM Revenue & Customs, Ruby House, 8 Ruby Place, Aberdeen, AB10 1ZP.

Use form VAT 1 to register your business for VAT

Help and guidance relating to this form

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VAT 1 (Notes) - Application for Registration - Notes (PDF, 121KB)
Use this guide to help you register for VAT using form VAT 1
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How to sign up to use VAT online services
It may be faster, easier, more secure and more reliable to apply for your VAT registration online

Forms in other languages

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VAT1W Treth ar Werth (TAW) - Cais am gofrestriad (PDF, 795KB)
Treth ar Werth (TAW) - Cais am gofrestriad

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