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SA1 - Registering for Self Assessment and getting a tax return

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Only download this form if you are unable to send your registration online. Otherwise please use the link to the online form below.

Follow the link below to tell HMRC that you need a tax return. You'll be asked for all the information that HMRC needs to set your tax records up. If you're in business please see the 'related forms' section below instead.

Register for Self Assessment and get a tax return

Registering for Self Assessment

Related forms

64-8 - Authorising your agent
Use form 64-8 to authorise HMRC to communicate with your tax representative about your tax affairs
CWF1 - Self Assessment and National Insurance contributions - Registration and / or low earnings
Use form CWF1 to register for Self Assessment if you can’t register for business taxes online. Complete the form on screen, then print and post it to HMRC.
SA400 - Registering a partnership for Self Assessment
Use this form if you need to register a new partnership for Self Assessment
SA401 - Registering a partner for Self Assessment and Class 2 NICs
Use this form to register for Self Assessment if you've joined a partnership. It will help get your tax and National Insurance right from the start
SA402 - Registering a partner for Self Assessment if they're not an individual
Use this form if you need to register a partner for Self Assessment that isn't an individual, for example if a company or trust has joined a partnership

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