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National Insurance forms

CA5603 - Application to pay voluntary National Insurance contributions

Use form CA5603 to arrange to pay voluntary Class 3 National Insurance contributions

CA1586 - Stock order form for NI Services to Pensions Industry forms

Use form CA1586 to place a stock order for National Insurance Services to Pensions Industry forms

CA3638 - Application for a State Pension forecast if you live abroad

This form has been withdrawn from 31 October 2010. If you currently live abroad (or intend to live abroad in the near future) and would like to receive a State Pension Retirement statement, follow the link above to find out what you need to do

CF83 - Application to pay National Insurance contributions abroad

Use form CF83 to apply to pay National Insurance abroad. Read information about healthcare, social security and benefit entitlement abroad

MODCA1 - Application form for National Insurance credits

If you are the spouse or civil partner of a member of Her Majesty's forces accompanying them on a posting outside the United Kingdom, use form MODCA1 to apply for Class 1 National Insurance credits

Claimant's evidence of employers - Request employment history

Proforma - Use this form if you need confirmation of your employment history to make a claim for compensation.

CA9184 - Statement of earnings by entertainers

Use form CA9184 to give HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) details of your earnings if you were an entertainer engaged in employment between 6 April 2003 and 5 April 2011 and HMRC told your engager that Class 1 National Insurance contributions were not due

CA8421i - Normally working in two or more countries in the European Economic Area

If you normally work in two or more countries in the European Economic Area use form CA8321 to enable HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to decide which country's social security legislation applies

CA3822 - Application for a certificate of continuing liability to pay UK National Insurance contributions when employees are going to work abroad

Use form CA3822 if you are sending employees to work abroad and you want to apply to keep them under the UK National Insurance scheme

CA1557 - Contracted-out Salary Related - Scheme Cessation - Current Member Re-input Schedule

Use form CA1557 to notify us of methods of preservation for current members

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