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VAT 100 - VAT Return Online

You can't download or order the VAT 100 VAT Return. You must submit your VAT Return online using the VAT online service.

APSS 101 - Registered pension schemes - election to contract-out

Insurance companies use form APSS 101 to elect for a contracting-out or appropriate pension scheme certificate

APSS 102 - Election for Industry-wide Money Purchase Schemes

Insurance companies use form APSS 102 to elect for a contracting-out certificate for an Industry-wide Money Purchase and Money Purchase Stakeholder scheme

APSS 103 - Relief at Source Details

Pension scheme administrators use form APSS 103 to register pension schemes for tax relief at source on contributions, or to notify any changes to a scheme that currently operates relief at source (RAS)

APSS 200 - Protection of Existing Rights

Use form APSS 200 to apply for enhanced protection or primary protection for the pension savings you built up before 6 April 2006.

APSS 202 - Enhanced Lifetime Allowance (International)

Use APSS 202 to notify us of the intention to rely on an international enhanced Lifetime Allowance

APSS 250 - Qualifying Overseas Pension Schemes

Pension scheme administrators use form APSS 250 to notify us of an overseas scheme

APSS 251 - Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes

Use form APSS 251 to notify us that the scheme is a recognised overseas pension scheme

APSS 301 - Amendment to a registered pension scheme return for occupational pension schemes

Use form APSS 301 to change information on the original Occupational Pension Scheme Return

BG1 - Guardian's Allowance claim form

Use form BG1 to claim Guardian's Allowance if you're bringing up a child whose parents have died

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