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VAT 652 - Notification of Errors in VAT Returns

Use form VAT 652 to let HMRC know about errors on your VAT Returns that are over the current threshold.

SA801 - Partnership UK Property (2014)

If your partnership earned income from UK land, property or furnished holiday lettings use these supplementary pages for tax year ended 5 April 2014

SA970 - Tax return for trustees of registered pension schemes (2014)

Use form SA970 to file your tax return for the tax year ended 5 April 2014 if you are a trustee of a registered pension scheme

CASC(A1) - Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) registration form

To register a Club as a Community Amateur Sports Club

CAR1 - Registered Social Landlords clearance application form

Registered Social Landlords should use this form to apply for advice from HMRC on whether social housing sales are likely to be treated as primary purpose or non-primary purpose trading for tax purposes

VAT 101B - Value Added Tax - EC Sales list (Correction sheet)

If you realise that you've made any errors or omissions in the EU sales figures you've already submitted to us on a form VAT 101, then use form VAT 101B to inform HMRC of additions, deletions and alterations

VAT65A - Application for refund of VAT by a business person who is not established in the community

Use form VAT65A to reclaim VAT paid in an EU state and your business is not registered in any EU state

GAR - General Aviation Report

General Aviation Flight Notification.

C104A Vessels - Importation of a private vessel into the United Kingdom on transfer of residence from outside the European Community (EC)

If you have moved to the UK from outside the EC use form C104A Vessel to declare your vessel to us for importation.

C5 (2006) - Return of Estate Information

Use this form with form C1 Confirmation if the deceased's estate is an 'excepted estate' and the person died on or after 1 September 2006 with their permanent home Scotland

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