Customs, Excise and VAT fraud reporting

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Banned or restricted goods
What goods are banned or require a licence such as firearms, rules on restricted goods such as fruit, vegetables and seeds


Customs Hotline

You can call the customs hotline about the following:
- cigarettes and tobacco
- alcohol
- cash
- hydrocarbon oils
- drugs
- guns and explosives
- military equipment
- weapons of mass destruction or the parts used to make them
- obscene or indecent material - including child pornography
- meat and other types of food
- endangered and protected species including animals, birds, fish, reptiles, plants, coral and items made from them
- expensive goods like works of art, antiques, gold and jewellery
- counterfeit, or fake, goods
- dangerous substances, like poisons
- money products like shares and securities

People also try to avoid paying the following excise duties and taxes:

- Money Laundering Regulations - suspicious transactions
- Environmental taxes - Landfill Tax, Aggregates Levy and Climate Change Levy
- Transport taxes - hydrocarbon oils and Air Passenger Duty
- Betting and gaming duty
- Excise duties - including the illegal use of rebated 'red' diesel
- Insurance Premium Tax (IPT)
- VAT - including Missing Trader Intra Community - also known as carousel fraud

This telephone number ONLY deals with customs, excise and VAT fraud reporting. It does not deal with questions about taxes, duty or benefits, including tax credits.
Opening hours
24 hours a day, seven days a week
0800 595 000
If you're calling from abroad please telephone:
If calling from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Republic of Ireland, Netherlands: 00800 555 95000
If calling from mainland Spain: 900 988 922
If calling from any other country : 0044 208 929 0153
Fax Number
0800 528 0506


Write to the Customs Hotline Freepost address to report all types of smuggling, customs, excise and VAT fraud

HM Revenue & Customs
Freepost NAT22785
CF14 5GX