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Pension Scheme Services
Guidance on the tax rules for pension schemes
Seeking clearance or approval for a transaction
Guidance on seeking clearance or approval for a transaction
When you can rely on information or advice provided by HMRC
Guidance on when you can rely on information or advice provided by HMRC


Pension Schemes Services Helpline

We can't give financial or tax planning advice or answer hypothetical questions. We also can't help members with tax matters about pensions already in payment - contact the Taxes Helpline. We can't discuss individual or scheme specific information if we don't have the appropriate authority.

Scheme Administrators
If you still need to contact us after reading the web guidance you'll need your scheme reference number when you phone.
We'll help you to:
- complete SA970 returns
- reclaim tax deducted from scheme investments
- claim for tax relief at source on contributions
- complete online scheme returns, event reports and accounting for tax return

Members / Independent Financial Advisers/other agents
You'll need the relevant:
- National Insurance number
- Unique Tax Reference (UTR) if appropriate
- pension scheme details

If your query is complex, write instead of phoning.

When seeking clearance or approval for a transaction you must write to us following the guidance in the link above - 'Seeking clearance or approval for a transaction'.
Opening hours
9.00 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday
Closed weekends and bank holidays
0300 123 1079
If you're calling from abroad please telephone:
+44 115 974 1600
If your enquiry isn't about how the tax rules operate for pension schemes, see the 'Contacts for pensions' page.
Contacts for pensions


For written enquiries regarding the tax rules for operating pension schemes.

Pension Schemes Services
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