National Insurance enquiries for employees and individuals

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Employee tax and National Insurance
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National Insurance rates and thresholds
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National Insurance enquiries

The National Insurance Enquiries helpline deals with queries relating to :
- Class 1 National Insurance rates and thresholds
- Statutory Payments
- Married Women’s Reduced Rate Election
- National Insurance statement requests
- Class 3 National Insurance enquiries
- Age exemption

The helpline can also provide advice relating to National Insurance credits if you :
- have received Statutory Paternity, Maternity, Adoption or Sick Pay
- are claiming as a spouse/partner of a member in the Armed Forces
- have been on a Government approved private training course
- have been on Jury Service
- have been wrongly imprisoned
- are a family member (normally grandparents) caring for a child under 12
- are claiming Home Responsibilities Protection for Parents, Foster Parents and other carers for periods before 6 April 2010
- are a Parent or Foster Parent for periods after 6 April 2010
- are a man approaching age 65
- have been in receipt of Working Tax Credit
- are a juvenile aged 16 to 18

The helpline cannot give customers an estimate of their State Pension. State Pension statements – find out more about getting a statement by following the "State Pension statement" link below.
Opening hours
8.00 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday
Closed weekends and bank holidays
0300 200 3500
For customers who are deaf or hearing or speech impaired:
0300 200 3519 (Textphone)
A textphone allows you to type what you want to say rather than speaking into a mouthpiece. You can use a textphone instead of a voice telephone if you are deaf or have problems with your speech. It is not possible to speak to an adviser by phoning a textphone number.
State Pension statement